Gardeners Have A New High-Tech Tool

Norell Software, Inc. introduces a software tool that will revolutionize the way we shop for gardening products by mail.

Garden Catalog PROFILES is a mail-order nursery guide for the personal computer. Hundreds of nurseries from around the country are fully indexed by more than a thousand specialties. Each nursery “profile” contains a complete description of the catalog, background information about the nursery and its customer service policies, and even a message from the nursery owner to the gardener. No other gardening resource – whether paper or on-line – has this much detail about nurseries and their catalogs.

Gardeners can now choose with confidence. They quickly find sources for the plants they want, and learn almost everything about the nursery before sending for its catalog. With over 1,100 specialties represented by 380 nurseries serving all U.S. and Canadian growing zones, PROFILES easily connects gardeners with the right suppliers to meet their needs.

The nurseries benefit, too. When contacted by users of Garden Catalog PROFILES, nurseries can now be sure that they are filling “qualified” catalog requests. And because potential customers are already familiar with the nurseries’ profiles, chances of customer dissatisfaction are greatly reduced.

More information than a book, far less time-consuming than “web surfing,” Garden Catalog PROFILES is the ultimate resource tool for looking up mail-order nurseries. Now available in a WindowsTM version on CD-ROM, PROFILES is easy enough for the computer novice and flexible enough to satisfy even advanced users.