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Humorous “script” – A Gardener’s Nightmare

Fade in: Joe and Maria Smith*, avid gardening enthusiasts, request several nursery catalogs. With great anticipation, Maria checks the mail each day, eager to order some special plants for that back corner of the garden. On the day the catalogs finally arrive, Joe and Maria discover – to their horror – that none of the [Continue]

Gardeners Have A New High-Tech Tool

Norell Software, Inc. introduces a software tool that will revolutionize the way we shop for gardening products by mail. Garden Catalog PROFILES is a mail-order nursery guide for the personal computer. Hundreds of nurseries from around the country are fully indexed by more than a thousand specialties. Each nursery “profile” contains a complete description of [Continue]

Confessions of a Reformed Black Thumb: How a Single Rose Catalog Rocked My World

Before my 35th birthday, it’s safe to say I single-handedly killed more flora than last summer’s wildfire at Yellowstone. Don’t get me wrong, I worship Luther Burbank and love vegetation of all kinds, but houseplants wilted when I so much as breathed on them, and entire lawns had been known to shrivel and turn toasty-brown [Continue]