About Us

mark norellNorell Software is developing a test nursery near Caliente, California. At an elevation of 5,500 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains, we test plants under arduous conditions of heat, cold, and drought.

“The original idea for a garden catalog guide grew from our need to find mail-order nurseries that offer seeds and plants for specialized conditions.
“We felt that most lists of nurseries were just too general for us to make an informed decision about whether to request the catalogs.

“It occurred to us that other gardeners might feel the same way also. Whose garden doesn’t have special conditions!”

Incorporated since 1992. Garden Catalog Profiles is our first consumer product for the personal computer. After many thousands of hours of data collection and software development, the DOS edition was published in 1998. The Windows edition followed in early 1999.

Our mission
Be a respected publisher of a series of desktop databases on topics of interest to the consumer, small business, and education Create reliable, well-documented software with a user-friendly look that requires no special computer expertise. Excel in neighborly customer service including an unconditional money-back guarantee

Our first effort, Garden Catalog Profiles, is designed …

To serve the gardener
Enabling a gardener to quickly and easily find mail-order nursery catalogs for specific gardening needs by providing in-depth profiles of a wide variety of nurseries.
To serve the mail-order nursery
Increasing the number of catalog requests that result in an order by providing enough background to support an informed request.
Helping nurseries contain rising catalog expenses by referring customers who already have a specific interest in the nursery and understand its business policies.

To serve the public
Encouraging the growing of native plants, not only for their beauty and natural history, but also to meet public goals such as water conservation, land reclamation, and providing migration corridors and havens for birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects and wildlife.

Helping reduce materials at the source by focusing catalog requests and by highlighting, and therefore encouraging, the nursery’s use of recycled papers and soy inks.