Answers all your questions about the nursery’s catalog

What the catalog contains: black & white or color pictures? botanical or common names? propagation instructions? recipes?
How to order the catalog: by mail with a SASE enclosed? will the price of the catalog be credited to the first order? separate price lists for retail and wholesale?
A complete list of the nursery’s specialties: plants, growing zones, growing conditions, tools, supplies, services, books, gifts, and more
Explains the nursery’s customer service policies

How to place orders (mail, phone, toll-free number, fax, email)
Minimum order
Methods of payment accepted
How it handles out-of-stock or returns
Seasons when plants are shipped
Gives the low-down on the nursery itself

Number of years in business
Business structure (family-owned, sole proprietor, etc.)
Memberships: trade associations, gardening societies or clubs
Display gardens or special facilities
Even includes a message “straight from the horse’s mouth”!

Nursery owners and managers describe in their own words what makes their nursery special
They may talk about their business philosophy or their unusual expertise, for example:
A nursery owner gives an account of his world-wide travels to collect plants
One nursery relates that it has introduced several unique cultivars
Another nursery expounds upon the beauty and value of plants to screen out noise pollution

How did we get all this detail?

All of our nurseries have asked to be included in Garden Catalog PROFILES. We collect our data through an exhaustive questionnaire. Each nursery verifies its own listing for accuracy. A fee is never charged.

We skip the editorializing and recommendations, and let gardeners choose for themselves based on the wealth of factual detail that PROFILES provides. Our additional unique feature-the message from the nursery-enables the gardener to “get a feel for” the nursery and make an informed decision about whether to request its catalog.