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Answers all your questions about the nursery’s catalog What the catalog contains: black & white or color pictures? botanical or common names? propagation instructions? recipes? How to order the catalog: by mail with a SASE enclosed? will the price of the catalog be credited to the first order? separate price lists for retail and wholesale? [Continue]

Benefits of Mail-Order Nurseries

Chocolate mint and lemon meringue. No, I’m not talking about pies here. Those happen to be two of the many exquisite scented geraniums that I treasure. Yet I rarely find them at local garden centers. That’s why I shop at mail-order nurseries where they sell unusual, hard-to-find plants. Are you looking for top quality plants? [Continue]

Library or Educational Institution

Requirements These instructions are a guideline. If your usual acquisitions procedure differs, we will be happy to try to accommodate you. Your email is your purchase order We are happy to accommodate libraries and educational institutions by accepting electronic purchase orders. Click here for our library order page. We will ship your order with your [Continue]